May 22, 2017


Hi everyone. It's been a while again but I'm back. I have to say that lately I feel really uninspired when it comes to doing things with internet. I actually hate everything about it. The constant connection with it is driving me crazy. I used to check my phone every morning when I woke up and in the evening I would browse through Facebook for hours. Then I started thinking about this. Why are we so obsessed with internet/social media? What makes it so fascinating?

I could say for myself that I wasn't yet born into this world of facebook, instagram etc. which I'm really glad about it. I remember the day we got internet installed in our home-we got it later than everyone I knew. Everything was AMAZING. You could google whatever you wanted. The first thing I got familiar with when I started using internet were games where you dressed different dolls. I was obsessed with this (and I dreamed of having this many clothes). Later I discovered Youtube. I spent hours there. I listened to so many songs, discovered new artists every day. I also started watching Youtubers. Everything was so easy and entertaining. Before that all I could do is play games like chess and cards and watch movies on CD and of course listen to music. That is it. I also remember we only had one computer and I would argue with my siblings whose turn it is to use it. It was so innocent. At that time Facebook appeared. I remember joining it in 2009 and that was just something new for me. A whole new world. You could say I became addicted to it. And before that I was obsessed with Messenger. Does anyone still remember that? I would chat with my friends all day long. That's how it all began I guess.

Later in time smartphones appeared. Now that's also one thing I got later than my peers but I finally got one and that was just mind-blown. Since then I can say things got a whole lot different. At first everything was still new and I didn't know what you can do with it. My friends had the same knowledge as me so that means we still hung out alot outside, at home, went rollerblading... When I was in my last year of high school I discovered the real side of internet and social media.

Social media was never a big deal when I was a kid. It didn't exist back then. At least I think it didn't (maybe I was just ignorant about it). So it all unravelled in my teenage years. Worst years ever and the best actually :D. These were the years where you had to have everything your friends had. If they had a cool new t-shirt, you needed one too. That's precisely how it was with electronic gadgets and everything that came with that. When one of your friends started using a new app, you had to have one. That's how our minds worked and it still does in some cases. So I started using Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat. All of the things that were never that big of a deal. Then I started discovering everything, how it worked, what are the features... After some time of course I got hooked on it. I would use these things all the time. I would always have a phone in my hands. It was just disgusting. I was never aware of the consequences that the internet and social media have. I would stare in my phone most of the day. I would talk to my friends only via facebook, Snapchat. What kind of a relationship is that?

A year ago I started realizing that this has a weird impact on me. I would go through Instagram feed or Facebook feed and see alot of people having the best time of their lives, I saw pictures of the most beautiful women and thinking why can't I look like that. I would feel sorry for myself, for how I looked. I would think their lives are better than mine. I realized I didn't appreciate my own life because I was so concentrated on lives of other people. I only thought of negative things. That also triggered my thinking that I need to be like them, I need to have cool photos taken somewhere nice. In reality what you see on internet is only 1 good picture. Who knows the story behind it, how the person felt when posing for it. Another thing I would do is I would wake up every morning and go through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and just scroll-almost like a robot. I would do the same thing before going to bed. The sad thing about that is that I wasn't even aware of that impact. I wasn't aware that I'm the one to be blamed for doing and thinking like that. If I didn't spend so much time on these apps, maybe I would like myself more and didn't feel pressured about a lot of things. For the last year I constantly had this on my mind, and through that period I started using internet less. There were days that I didn't even open Facebook because I got bored of it and I knew there was nothing there that interested me. I also deleted a lot of apps from my phone.

Right at this moment I love how I feel about myself. I love the fact that I don't use my phone that much, I love that when I check my phone, there aren't 10 notifications from different apps. I just love seeing nothing on my homescreen. I feel like some sort of burden was lifted from my shoulders and that I can do whatever the hell I want with myself and most importantly: I don't need to prove anything to anyone. It's just me, myself and I. That's all I need ( besides my friends and family:P ). 

The end of my long ramble which is basically an explanation of my absence hah. Hope I didn't bore you that much. Have a great day.

Photos by Maja

March 25, 2017


Hi guys. Long time no see. You can say I was lazy and besides that, in February, I had a lot of exams which I passed some of them. The others will have to be done in June. That is why I am already starting with studying and hopefully things go as planned, because I really want to have some free time from July on so I can work and earn a bit of money.
So yes I have to admit that not much has happened in February. Only some bits and pieces happened- the most important one is that my 2 dear friends came back from Erasmus exchange and I missed them so much. I started reading more because I think I was in a reading slump these last six months and I'm so happy that I'm back. I just love reading and there are so many new books out that I don't even know where to begin. Of course I bought a few books over the last months but not nearly enough. If I could have a library at home, I would definitely spend most of my time there. Also my sister and I went to see the Beauty and the Beast movie and I was pleasantly surprised by it. They did an amazing job, the characters were well picked and it was just magical. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney movies so I had high hopes for the movie as well. Other than that I don't think much has happened + March was the worst month so far because so many weird things happened. I'm just glad that I'm over with it. I have to say that I'm mostly focused on uni at the moment, because I really want to pass the exams on time. This means that my days won't be as interesting as I would like, but I say to myself that in the end it'll be worth it. I just can't wait for summer and doing nothing. My favourite part of the year. (yeah I'm a lazy person, don't blame me.)
So today I wanted to say goodbye to the worst season of the year - winter. It's my least favourite and I am always happy when it comes to an end and then my second favourite season comes. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. Everything starts to blossom, days get longer and warmer. It's such a nice feeling and you can feel in the air that something nice is coming. I must say that it sort of lifts me up. It wakes me up and I feel like I'm ready to conquer the world. Spring has such positive vibes that helps me get motivated for everything. So today's post is a farewell to you winter. Yes you have some good sides, but that just isn't enough for me. Spring is far more interesting than you. Who knows maybe I'll start to like winter eventually, but this day hasn't come yet. For now I'll just enjoy the wonders of warmer seasons.

Photos: Maja

January 31, 2017


Hello lovelies,

Today’s post will have to be a quick one because I’m jammed with the uni stuff and I need to study a lot. Yes I am under a lot of pressure and I can’t wait for everything to be over because I don’t like this feeling. It’s too much to handle people. Still I have to admit that it’s nice to just sit and write a post and relax. I like to share these things with you guys.

So my plan for this week is actually study nonstop because I’ve got an exam that I have to pass no matter what otherwise it won’t be good. It’s quite a hard one but I think we can manage it. I hope so. So my week is going great so far (sarcasm). I do have to admit that I went out yesterday for a cup of tea with two of my dearest friends and we chatted about everything. We haven’t seen each other in a month or even more so we had a lot to say to one another. We were there almost 3 hours which is A LOT, almost too much. But it was nice to catch up. We always laugh when we hang out so much that my cheeks hurt and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a six pack from laughter as well. They’re really the sweetest persons I’ve met in my life. So I think this is my most exciting thing this week. Also I’m going to an aerobics tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes since I’m not a huge sports person. It’ll be a surprise to all of us. I just hope I don’t injure myself. Otherwise I will be stuck at home studying and hopefully it’ll be worth it. I just really need to pass this one because it’s really ruining my plans of finishing the uni on time.

My post for today is a fashion post. I did this shoot a while ago and I have to admit that I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s got that modern, edgy vibe to it and that was exactly what I was going for. I love wearing shirt dresses so I wanted to incorporate them in winter as well. I just think it makes you look chic and classy in winter and in summer it makes you look pretty without even trying, because the dress does it all for you. Since it is winter, I added a black turtle neck underneath it and these amazing pleather trousers from C&A. They look leather on the front and normal at the back. I also really like the embroidery on it. They go perfectly with this outfit. For my shoes I chose ankle boots from H&M which are very common in my wardrobe already. I also got this amazing bag that can be a shoulder bag or a rucksack. I already showed it in one of my previous posts (check here). The last thing is this gorgeous long marble-like necklace from Accessorize.

Let me know what you think of the outfit. Do you like wearing shirt dresses like me and what do you think of this combination. Talk to you soon.

Outfit details:

Shirt dress: H&M (similar)
Trousers: C&A (similarsimilar)
Shoes: H&M (similar)
Bag: Samsonite
Necklace: Accessorize (similar)
Photos by: Maja

January 26, 2017


Hi guys

Winter is kicking it hard here in Slovenia but that doesn’t stop me from taking more outfit posts. Thank god for my sister, because she is also the one dragging me out to take pictures with her. I have to admit it’s cool to have someone who is also blogging and these sorts of things. That way you get things done, help each other and annoy one another to get that perfect shot. So yes I’m definitely grateful for my sister.

At the moment I have a lot of studying at school because it’s that time of the year. All the exams and the presentations and I am sort of packed with things. Also I have a few jobs at the weekends that I do so that also takes up a lot of my time. Still I have to say that things are going ok so far and I hope it’ll continue this way.

It’s already 2017; actually already the end of January and I have to admit that I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions. I was never that type of person that cared for these things. I always thought that if I want something to happen or if I want to do something, then I should just go for it. I shouldn’t restrict myself with resolutions or with ‘New Year, new me’ type of things. Just go for it. If you want to go to the gym in the middle of the year, go for it. Don’t wait for the next year. Just do things as you go. I also think that if you do things the moment you decide to do it, then it’s more interesting and you actually care for these things.

I have to admit that I still haven’t figured out things regarding my blog. I like having it and I like posting things here, but I am very inconsistent with it. I don’t post regularly and I post about things I like-clothes, beauty, books. Because of that I think the blog is all over the place and very hard to follow. So no, I still don’t have a plan about this topic. But I know I will have to sit down and decide how I want it to look like, how many times should I post… just the formalities actually and stick to it.
So that is all I wanted to share with you guys. 

In today’s post I am wearing one of my favourite clothing items at the moment. I am obsessed with dungarees and I love to style them. These one are from New Yorker and they were on sale for only 10€. I just think they are so easy to wear and it also brings back memories from when I was little because I used to wear them a lot. Here I am wearing them with a basic navy top by Tom Tailor. Over it I decided to throw on this black and grey cardigan from Tally Weijl with fringes at the bottom. I love layering in winter so that is what I was going for with this outfit. Of course since it is winter I had to have a beanie. This one is from Primark that I bought 3 years ago. For the shoes I went with these adorable dark silver ankle boots from Jello that have a snake print on them. The last thing is my bag or rucksack that is from Top shop.
I also have a similar post to this when I was in Paris and I wore different type of dungarees. You can check it here.

Let me know what you think of layering. Do you like it or do you prefer summer where you just throw on a dress and you’re good to go. Also let me know what you think of the outfit. Have a great day guys.

Beanie: Primark
Top: Tom Tailor
Dungarees: New Yorker
Cardigan: Tally Weijl
Boots: Jello
Bag: Top Shop
Photos by Maja

January 02, 2017


Hi guys,

As I’m writing this post, I should be doing stuff for uni but I’m the biggest procrastinator in the world. I am obsessed with vlogmas and just Youtube in general at the moment. People post so many amazing videos that I can’t stop watching. But the main focus is definitely vlogmas. The other thing that is keeping me from doing stuff for uni is just me being lazy. I always end up doing everything else. I go out with my friends or I help Maja with some blog stuff. I need to stop doing that because December is the busiest month of the year, regarding uni and life in general. I need to do all my shopping for birthdays and Christmas and I am also going away with my friends at the end of the month to celebrate New Year’s so I also need to think about that. It’s just so much stuff to do and I’m here sitting in my bed and writing a post which is also important for me because I love doing this. I love showing you guys stuff, whether it is outfit post, makeup, hair etc. It makes me feel relaxed and happy when I do it. I hope you enjoy it as well. I just wanted to update you what's going on at the moment in my life - so basically vlogmas and sleep whooops. Oh I also rediscovered Tumblr last week so I'm going through that as well. Yay all the opposite of what I should be doing. Now let’s get on with what I want to show you today. 

At the beginning of October I saw a lot of ladies wearing long coats. I’ve also seen it in magazines and on TV. It was practically everywhere. Now I’m sure a lot of you out there think that wearing a long coat looks like you’re wearing a bath robe or something, but I’ve literally fallen in love with this item. I just love the length of it. I think this is definitely the main reason. The second thing that I love about the long coats is the colour. They usually come in light grey or camel colour and I love both of the options. So I decided in November to go on a hunt for something similar. I came across two coats that I absolutely adored. The first one was from s.Oliver and it was this gorgeous camel colour and the length of it was PER-fect. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the price. It was way too much for my budget so I decided to look for some more. Then I came across the one I’m wearing in the pictures. It’s by Dorothy Perkins and I also really liked it. The colour of it is a slightly darker shade of grey that I imagined, but everything else was great. It’s also quite thick so it’s perfect for winter, whereas the s.Oliver one was more of a transition coat so I couldn’t wear it in winter. So I think I found a perfect coat for me. I wear it all the time and it hasn’t failed me yet. I love to pair it with ankle boots because it makes it look prettier (I think high heels are the best option with these coats), but for today’s outfit I chose oxford shoes and it looks just fine. Underneath the coat I have a jumper from New Yorker and boyfriend jeans which are also from New Yorker. I love to keep it simple when I wear this coat because I think that’s the way it should be. It’s a quite simple look, but because of a coat I think it’s something special.

This is what I wanted to share with you guys today. Do you own a coat like that or do you prefer to wear a shorter length? Let me know in the comment and I’ll see you next time.